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Life, Relationship &

Equine assisted Coach


Let me show you how a Horse and Life coaching can change your life!


Are you ready to change?  What keeps you up at night? What do you worry about all the time? 

It's probably some silly Limiting Belief that you were told as a kid that is NOT true!!  Let's get rid of that!!  I love to play in Nature and it's one of most healing modalities I use. Warning: I don't make it easy for you to stay the way you are. Life Coaching guides you into becoming your highest good for all. I also bring in my Equine Coaches, Dodger and Blue. Get ready to be amazed at what they will teach you!!

Call me for a free consultation. 786 473 9494.


 Contact me: (786) 4739494 or email me at


Remington Publications proudly presents :

Horse Stories; The Healing Way Horses teach us Healthy Relationships.

Gina Deleo Martell and Debra Johnson show in this beautifully written book just how a horse and Life Coaching can transform your life!

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While you're here, consider watching

this beautiful video on Gratitude,

something that many of us forget how to have.


What People say about Gina

You don’t know how lucky you are to have found Gina Martell!


Gina and I have worked together for a number of years. I would recommend only a rare few and she is #1 on my list. Here’s why:


Gina didn’t seek out coaching, it found her. There is a brilliant wisdom in her approach – something she’s carefully, thoughtfully crafted through years of work with both people and animals. With a clear focus on the outcome and building on the steps along the way, she can quickly guide you to your goal – and beyond!


She is an “intuitive” with an amazing ability to see through the surface to understand deep meaning. Especially in complicated situations, Gina brings a creative insight to her therapy, finding new, powerful ways to guide her clients. She’s strong and directed but combines this with deep compassion to consistently strike exactly the right balance. She cares deeply about your success!


Bottom line: you’ve found the very best of the best in Gina. If you don’t jump at the chance to work with her, I have to question your commitment to reaching your goals.

— Dr. Dennis W. Neder

Best-Selling Author, TV/Radio Host, Entrepreneur, Technorati, Musician, Nerd



One On One Life Coaching

One on One Life Coaching is all about YOU! Why you are in pain, what keeps you up at night? It’s your background, your history, your goals and what’s not working in your life.

Young Romance

Couples Coaching

Couples Guidance begins with a complimentary consultation to find out what is really going on in your relationship and why it isn’t working. We discuss everything!! 

Laughing Couple

Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat is a 3-day weekend spent together in a cabin, hotel room or wherever you are most comfortable in Woodstock Georgia. The work is done in a private area on four beautiful acres...