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Fire Walk 

Captain Justin Wasilkowski (Waz) is truly a hero and really knows FIRE! Waz has been a Captain for Miami Dade Fire Rescue for 32 years in Miami, Florida. Waz has also served as a Communications Expert with USAR:

Urban Search and Rescue and was sent to various historical locations of rescue such as: 911, Oklahoma bombings, Katrina, Montserrat, Hurricane Andrew, Value Jet and Haiti. Waz is a founding member of Homeland Security and has traveled on mission to Bosnia, Africa, and various other countries on confidential security assignments.


Additionally, Waz has received many Commendations for his valiant efforts in disaster and life saving efforts. Waz also served as the Fire Captain for Tony Robbins fire walks around the world. He is responsible for building and then helping to walk several hundred thousand people across fire lanes.


Waz is a principle to FireWalk Adventures. FireWalk Adventures is a company based in Boone, North Carolina. FireWalk Adventures holds fire walks and Glass Walks all over the world.




When people think about walking on fire, their first tendency is to freak out and say “NO WAY”!


However, the Fire Walk is all about walking into your fears. It helps you heal things in your past that have been holding you back. The Fire Walk is one of the most amazing, empowering things you will ever do in your life and once you do it, you will want to do it again!!


I walk my talk too!!  I have walked on fire at least 25 times. My fifteen-year-old son has walked on fire 10 times and I have personally helped hundreds of thousands of people walk across fire when I was a volunteer for Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within.


Now to create a Fire Walk, I have to have a professional and I do!!  Allow me to introduce you to Captain Justin Wasilkowski, who just happens to also be my husband and has himself walked hundreds of thousands of people wanting to transform their lives across fire also for Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within.

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