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Think of that feeling you had when you first met. It might have been some crazy event or a very romantic moment that when you saw each just knew.

It’s that moment when you feel completely at home. Your heart can’t stop beating wildly and you just cannot stop smiling. Your brain turns to mush , your palms sweat and you can’t stop looking into their eyes. You just know that this is going to be special; actually, it’s magical.

We love “Love” and when we find it we can’t wait to be together again in each others arms just “being”.

It is our soul’s recognition, our other piece of the puzzle and it’s a place you feel we belong.

People that have been married for awhile, may remember that first moment they met their future partner but it seems that it wanes and fades away after time. Pity because although

our brains are not wired to hang onto that “euphoria” forever, it is something that I feel our hearts at least try to. Its so easy to become bored and resentful as time goes by.

Marriage, bills, kids and family tensions, jobs, all come along and seem to sweep away our love like an evil witch’s broom. We become adults in love but why can’t we stay like children; Innocent, pure, no rules, just free. In working with couples, I find the biggest problem is that

they have forgotten the reasons they fell in love. They have gotten wrapped up in “life” and they have created a hard life for themselves. Yes, I did say, “They created”. Whatever your thoughts and beliefs are, you are correct.

If you believe that your marriage is terrible and unhappy then you are correct. How about believing that your marriage and relationships are better then they are? How about seeing your love as amazing, happy, sexy and always growing; even with the challenges?

What if we loved our partners as is our only purpose in this life was to love them and light them up? If we could just love them unconditionally, with no left overs; a fresh palate every night, letting go of old thoughts and fears? What if we asked for nothing from our partners and we could just love them to love them; as if THAT was our only prize?

Try standing in your partners shoes and see yourself as they see you. Learn about things they love and appreciate how you can both be different but still one. Be supportive and be open to things they like even if you don’t. The shipwrecks of your life, and your past loves, create fear

and block your ability to love. Life is full of challenges and that is a guarantee; the only one I can give other than we will all die one day. Take a day; whichever one it is and find that love..that beautiful Summertime love that you once had. Sit together, talk, laugh, hold hands and apologize and forgive. That is growth and that is what will bring your relationship back to not where it was in the beginning..but where it is now; mature, flexible as flowers bending in the wind and humble. It is an honor to be loved; that is a gift forever. I do still believe in True Love. Why not be the ONLY one That can awaken your love from the curse with True Loves kiss?

True Love can weather any storm, even when it needs to walk away. It what is left after passionate lusty love subsides and what remains is pure. True Pure Love that is the deepest love and friendship you will ever have; if you allow it. If you can receive it.

Treat your love as a Tree…not a vine..treat your love as a Relation SHIP not a relation BARGE.

I wish you love in all you do and think and feel….and dream


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