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How to have a great first date so that you get a second one? Here are a few tips and I suggest you study them like your 9th grade Algebra test. Most important is DON"T be

desperate; be the prize!!

  1. Be happy and smile. A big smile and happy attitude makes a great first impression and

  2. actually relaxes your date. They feel happy that you are happy to be with them.

  3. Don't text or be on the phone during your date!It's rude and unless it's emergency, youre friends can wait!

  4. Talk about positive things. The last thing anyone wants to hear is that your dog just died or you hate your ex or life sucks for you. Come on!! Talk about the positives in your life and be grateful! Stop looking for it to all go wrong. "So you think, so you shall be"

  5. Make good eye contact!! If you look away, you date will think you are lying or hiding something.

  6. Talk about what you bring to the table. Talk about your life experiences, how good you are handling your finances, how you can make a commitment. The answer is not "Me".

  7. In other words, why would someone want to date you and maybe have a lifetime with you?

  8. Are you an asset or a problem?

  9. If you are interested in your date, touch their arm, smile and laugh. Body language is super important. It shows them, 'I like you".

  10. Bring humor to the date. Nothing makes a better connection then laughter. Making someone laugh is fantastic.

  11. Ask questions about them! Show them you are interested! Dont spend the whole night talking about you.

  12. Talk about your goals. This is a quick way to find out if you some common goals.

  13. If you want kids and they dont you will know that they are not the right one for you.

  14. Dont play hard to get. It's childish and will not build trust. You don't have to be a doormate either or a crazed stalker. Remember, the wooing is for him!

  15. Have fun!  I love fun dates!!  When you get home and your telling your friends how much you had on your date, it's a great sign! Make them go home thinking of you and how much fun they had too.

  16. The goodbye kiss.  Yes!!  Don't ask, do it! Take her in your arms and tell her you've been wanting to kiss her all night . She will melt .

  17. Say yes to another date.  If you had a good time, go out again if he asks.  Ladies, if he doesn't call for a few days, relax and when he calls be happy to hear from him. Dont punish him for not calling the next day. Show some self respect and have a life. If he doesn't don't worry, it probably wasnt the right fit. Remember, dating is all about trying people on so go  shopping!!

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