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We have heard the cliché phrase many times, “ We’ll, I am not perfect”! As a matter of fact, just the other day as I was working with a client, she made the same comment; that she wasn’t perfect .

Personally, I think it’s an excuse. Not being perfect has become everyone’s excuse for not living up to everyone’s expectations or even their own.

So why is being PERFECT so important?

I think because we compare God and being God-like to being perfect and so that must be the ultimate goal right, I mean that’s what we always heard, right, because God wants us to be perfect like him?

This is where most everyone gets it wrong. I do not believe for one minute that God expects us to be Perfect, but instead, be perfect LOVE; that is Unconditional Love and that is God’s Love.

Unconditional love that loves with no conditions.

It is a love that forgives, apologizes, goes the extra mile, understands and listens. It is love that means I always love you. It doesn’t mean I will stay with you no matter how much you abuse me because then you are not loving yourself unconditionally.

So why the stress and pursuit to be “perfect”?

In truth, in the deeper inside of our authentic selves, isn’t it more important to be “Happy”?

Why do we set such standards to be the most beautiful, the richest, the smartest, the best body, the nicest house, when if we work on becoming happy..we have all of that!

When we are happy, we take care of our health, we don’t feel the need to buy material objects to fill a void, our home is warm and inviting and we take time to always learn and grow.

So, instead of working so hard to be “perfect”, work on finding your inner happiness and remember, you are the ONLY one that is responsible for your happiness.

I wish you peace,

God bless you a million times


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