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"I See You"

Updated: May 19, 2023

What does it mean to "See Someone"? Recently, my friend and I wen't to go see Avatar Two, The Way of Water. It was absolutely gorgeous. Needless to say, it cost like a billion dollars to produce and it took twenty years, but I think, worth every penny and the wait.

For those who consider themselves "awake" or living in had a whole different meaning to us. Kindness, love, and family seemed to be the main point of this Masterpiece. Avatar shows us how to honor Life and Death. It also shows us how to honor each other. When we "See" another, it is to see what is inside. How do you show up inside?

Jake and Neytiri became a couple in the first Avatar movie and a family in the second. Jake is a human created into an Avator body for man's profits and greed through an amazing machine that changes DNA, Brain and turns him into a blue stripped extremely tall male Avatar. Neytiri a true female Avatar ( and I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark corner) has all the honor, respect and deep connection for her planet Pandora. She is connected to everything as is the entire family of Avatar and she teaches all of this to Jake.

Despite these huge differences between them, like many human couples, their Love prevails and was the glue that holds them together. But here is what I didn't see between Jake and Naytiri that appears in most every couple I work with; Ego.

I have worked with several couples that come in complaining about each other. Usually, it's the ladies that have had enough. The husband has just tuned out and turned off. They are not "seeing" each other. What matters to them is who is right and who is wrong with neither of them believing to be the latter. That is Ego. There is so much resentment between these two people. There is NO respect or kindness and the idea of Forgiveness.."For what?!" "It's not MY fault?!" is what they are hanging onto; more Ego.

When we decide to join someones life, it is a "join up". It's what Horses do. Horses join a herd. The Mare(female) is leader and the Stallions(males) are her guards and baby makers. If the Herd is threatened, the Mare leads the herd to safety while the Stallions risk their lives to protect the herd. The male and female energy in the herd is clear and there are no damaged Egos. Everyone knows their places and their ranks. Protect the herd at all costs and that is what is done.

Horses see each other as do all other animals. They communicate, they understand the rules of the Gaia/Mother Nature. Animals hunt, they kill, they eat and they survive and procreate. They honor each other. They do not kill just to kill. It's to survive another day. Animals don't kill an elephant to steal his tusks to sell them for money. Animals don't kill a zebra to skin it and use it's hyde for a purse. In the movie Avatar 1 and 2, man looks really bad. Greed and power are his weapons as usual, as he hunts down the beautiful highly intelligent Tulken whales. These whales contain such an amazing brain that they can speak languages, compose music, birth calves, and communicate telepathically. Man discovers there is a special fluid in their brains that can stop aging on a dime. So for eighty million dollars per vial, man tracks the Tulken, kills them and drills into their brain to secrete the fluid.

Instead of "Seeing" the Tulken for their beauty and amazing talents, Ego once again wins. Man made his eighty million dollars and looked younger doing it!

So what should we "see" or at least look for in a person. First, do not see with your eyes. We see a person with our Hearts. As we grow more in our own Spirituality and head toward Fifth Dimensional consciousness, it is with our Hearts that we choose and see everything now. When you look at your child, your friend or your partner, look deeply. Open your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable. To see another is to see their Heart and all of their vulnerabilities. When we allow ourselves to be seen, we lay down our swords and open ourselves to experience more love and more joy. Yes, there will be pain and sorrow at times but those are emotions that teach us things; important things like how to forgive and love again. It is that simple.

Look in the mirror, "see" yourself first. Is there something in there that is worth seeing?

Are there beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you? First thing I'd dump off is your Ego. Be honest with yourself. Do the hard work and clear out the garbage. Warning: Healing is not a one day process; it may take some time so be patient with yourself. Then, put a smile on your face and let people in to see the NEW you. I hope that "I See You" becomes the new "'s it going?". I believe its the new Mantra for 5 D! Open your heart, be seen and look deeply inside others and not only see them but love them and accept them as they are. Because when we can accept and still love someone, that is seeing them. Even if you see confusion and anger inside someone, you don't have to hang around them but you can forgive them, wish them love and move on. To see someone is to see who they truly are, good or not so good. Make sure who ever sees you, sees all the love and acceptance you have; it helps you shine!

And go to see Avatar 1 and 2 if you haven't. It truly is a Masterpiece.

I See You..later!


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