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When I was very young; around three or four, I would beg my mother to let me

stand out in the rain. I know it sounds weird but the rain was calling me.

Every single time it would rain, I cried and begged to go out!

So one day my mother decided to bundle me up in my raincoat and a hat and let me

stand in my front yard in the rain. I remember it and it was gorgeous and the most

peace and calm I had ever heard even for my tender three year old soul.

As many years have passed since that magical day, I found myself just yesterday

remembering those few minutes of utter peace and calm. Sitting on my tree swing

meditating with the horses close by as they grazed on the grass, I was doing a

gratitude meditation. I was very happy and peaceful but then it began to rain very


My first thought was to run inside, but it was such a soft beautiful rain and my

horses weren’t running away from it so I stayed right there on my swing and

continued meditating. I have to tell you, it was the coolest sensation and it’s hard

to put it into words.

My horses came over and hung closer to me and with not a flinch or a thought, they

just continued slowly grazing on the grass. Pulling the grass with their big teeth,

chewing it and snorting every now and then. They seemed as peaceful as I was.

The rain just changed all the energy of my meditation and it was so magical I

swear I could have sat their all day in that state of mind, energy, soul, whatever you

want to call it; it was freaking amazing!

I didn’t care if I got wet. I was safe because there was no lightning and I was

watching my horses for their signals. They would let me know if something bad

was coming.

Sometimes I think we get too conditioned by our external life and surroundings to

just allow ourselves to try new things, trust and just be open. This mediation for me

in the rain put me in such a high feeling of abundance and gratitude and it lasted all

day for me. It brought me back to one of my favorite childhood memories, and there

weren’t that many but this one was super special; standing in the rain and just

feeling open taking it all in. Why not be able to go back to our childhood memories

sometimes? I think we should every now and then!

So here’s my question to you. How many times have you just gone for it?

How many times have you let someone talk you out of something you really wanted

to do? Why? Where you afraid of disappointing them but it was ok to disappoint


As children we never like to disappoint our parents, until we reach adolescence and

then it all changes..(haha) But after we have grown up and lived in the world on our

own for a bit , wouldn’t it be nice to be so free within yourself that you had the

confidence to truly do what you wanted to do and it wouldn’t it be even better if

you didn’t have to worry about someone scolding you or telling you how

disappointed they are in your choices or behavior? And I am not talking about

dangerous or illegal stuff here or hurting someone. I’m saying if you wanted to be

an artist or a musician, or perhaps train horses, or a teacher..whatever , and you had

a parent that had their OWN agendas that wanted you to be a doctor or an attorney

or whatever was more prestigious..wouldn’t it be nice to say, “no, I’m going to be

this”, and then go BE IT without any disapproving looks?

If it makes you happy, if it makes you feel like a God, if it makes you feel ALIVE

GO DO IT!! Even if you have no support from your wife or husband, find a

compromise so you can do it.

Be who you are! Say to yourself “I am” and then be it. Remember, “As you think,

so shall you be”. Go be happy, live your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you.

Because in the end, it’s your life and your path. Everything you do is all about

remembering who you truly are. A child of God, and child of the Universe; a soul

on a mission. If your parents or someone in your life tells you not to live your

passion or they won’t love you or they will leave you, let them.

That’s Conditional Love. No one has the right to hold you emotional hostage

Even if you can’t do it fulltime or it may take awhile to develop; go for it!

I get it you have a family, kids the whole thing, but carve out a piece

of time and place for you to still find your passion, step into the unknown,

take a leap of faith and live in the moment.

Horses always live in the moment; they have to; someone may be

coming to eat them so they are very present!

Live in your moment ! Go ahead, go sit in the rain..I highly recommend it!

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