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Listen To Your Horse

I bought a book several weeks ago from a small hidden town Called Cassadega. Cassadega is in Florida and it is known as the Psychic Capital in the America. As an Equine Assisted Life and Relationship Coach, I am always studying my horses. I want to know more about how

They communicate, what they are saying to each other and more Importantly, what they are saying about me and to me.

This book was very interesting and I bought it from a rather Large and very populated bookstore in Cassadega. The book was about communicating and speaking to animals. I admit I have also been doing a lot of research in other books, some great You Tube channels

And Ted Talks. Apparently, the way horses, and all animals speak to each other is through Telepathy. You hold a picture or emotion in Your mind and the horse can hear it, or see it and he will understand. Being that is my new research project, I decided to try it out. How amazed I was to see that in does actually work and not only will My horses understand me better and I them, in addition to their Body language, the communication can become really clear!!

After I read this book, I decided to try it out on my two geldings, Dodger and Blue. As I stood grooming Blue, He stood quietly enjoying the brushing on his winter coat. I would picture in my mind what I wanted him to do like raise up his hoof so I could pick them clean. I also pictured In my mind for him to lower his head so I could reach between his ears and brush them. After a few minutes of nothing, he finally began to do what I was telepathically asking him to do. I was so Amazed and happy! I decided I would continue learning to Speak horse.

The next day, I had both of my horses in the pasture. Blue lately, has been picking on Dodger a lot. Yes, Blue is the Lead horse, but he is beginning to bully Dodger more than I think normal for being in charge of their small two horse herd. I separated them. I put Dodger in the back pasture and Blue in The front so they could be together but Blue could not bite Dodger. Dodger already had a large bite on his back from Blue biting him four days prior. The rain started again as it has been raining a lot this winter in Georgia and I went inside the house. After about two hours had passed, I heard some thumping outside. I walked outside to the fence and I whistled for them as I usually do and the know my whistle. I then saw Blue walking toward me from around the small white shed in the Pasture. Blue had been at the back gate with Dodger. Blue walked right up to me as I stood at the fence and whinnied directly in my face. I thought he was simply looking for Dodger but I knew he knew where Dodger was.

Blue then turned around and walked away back toward the gate Where Dodger was. Before arriving to the gate, Blue turned back around and looked directly at me again and whinnied. I swear I heard him say, “Free Dodger”. So, I opened the gate and Blue and Dodger stood side by side with no fighting. Then they both cantered off to the barn and walked inside. I had cleaned their stalls earlier that day and closed their stall doors So they wouldn’t get them dirty again. As I walked toward the front door of my house, Blue whinnied again. I turned around and he was in the barn facing me and standing next to his stall door. I clearly understood he wanted me to open his stall door. So, I did. He looked pleased and walked inside his stall. I was So amazed that Blue had figured out that if he talked to me, I would understand him and do what he was asking me to Do. I was speechless!!

The bond that continues to grow between my horses And I is one of surprise and awe. I also find myself laughing out loud with them and at them, as I am sure they have done the same with me; mostly I am sure laughing at me! I remember one day while working in the pasture

after I had brought just Dodger home to my farm, I was clearing all the sticks and branches away from the ground and making sure there were no giant holes to injure him.

I was wearing big heavy Work gloves and Dodger randomly approached me as he often did to get a kind word or a good rub on his forehead. When Dodger saw those gloves, he bolted and ran away frightened. As he bolted, in my mind flashed a terrified emotion and a picture of a man with big white gloves. He was hitting Dodger and being very mean and forceful. I heard Dodger. He told me the whole story and I began to understand what happened to my Rescue horse and why he was so afraid of everything.

It took me a while to get him calm. I removed the gloves and just let him come to me again when he felt safe. I told him I was sorry and loved on him. Eventually, Dodger overcame the glove fear but it too a lot of patience and giving him space. Now, I can use the gloves around him all the time. Some people may think that this story is ridiculous and Not possible; that it’s just a horse. Let me tell you, just a horse can set you right in your life. Just a horse can heal and return you to the living again. It is just a horse that teaches me everyday about patience and living in the moment and being my most Authentic self. Many of the clients I work with, some abused women and women that have never been loved unconditionally, I bring out my horse and he is the one that provides the most healing to these women. Many of these women have that same kind of fear. They have been abused and neglected with no one In their corner to give them time to help them Overcome that same fear that Dodger had; of being Hurt and let down again by people. My horses know they are needed and they know that we Work together. For us to be able to communicate with each Other is a miracle to most. To others like myself, it is the understanding that we are all one. The energy is the same that runs through all of us. Humans, animals, bugs, plants, trees and my horses.

We are all connected so of course, if you are open in your mind and your heart, you will learn that to listen is to learn and to believe is to be. This beautiful energy that we all share is the Love that God and the Universe offer us every day of our Glorious lives….that is if you believe. Listen with your heart…you will hear magical things.

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