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MEN 101

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

How many times have I been out with girlfriends for a night when the entire conversation becomes a complaint about their husband, boyfriend or some guy they met and why hasn’t he called?

So, let's talk about the 411 on men. I like to call it Men 101 and I believe when women read and understand this, their lives with their man or any future men, will improve a lot!!

First off ladies, men are simple!  The reason we think they are so complicated is because we think they are just like us. Men are not like us and if you want someone that acts like a woman, then you should date women!

Men don’t hold onto arguments like we do.  Men are also very sensitive and believe it or not, men experience intimacy through sex. 

Men also want us to their Cheerleaders and they want to be our heroes.

Here are few more insights to things you don’t know about men!

Men are terrified of being a failure in your eyes.

Being respected is really important.

They are more insecure than we think they are.

They want every man to envy them when they walk into a room so how you look matters so don’t let yourself go.

They do not like hearing about your ex boyfriends.

Please respect him always in public. If you disagree, tell him in private.

Men are very sexual. They like being able to please you.

Cheating on them is more devastating than you know.

Men don’t like to argue. They want us to be able to apologize too.

Men are visual. They appreciate an attractive woman and they will look but it doesn’t mean they are going to cheat on you.

The more confident you are about a mans love, the sexier you are to him.

Men need their space to be with and act like guys.

Men don’t like when a woman acts like a man.


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