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OMG!! It's the Holidays!

Well, here we are! Another year has passed by and we are quickly approaching 2023!!

We finished up with Thanksgiving and got a hard kick into Christmas, Chanuka, Kwanza and the New Year and you know what that means....more family time!! Our world has changed...a lot.

Politically we cannot even speak in fear of being attacked from a polar opposite belief and mind set. We have been divided. Everything seems like Polar opposites right now..and you is! So how do we deal with our "families" when they may be opposed to our thoughts and beliefs? Just be true to yourself!!

This may sound harsh, but truly, if your family cannot or will not accept who you choose to be or what you choose to believe in, that's fine. You dont have to play with them! Seriously,

You have a few options:

Agree to disagree (my first choice)

Change the subject (the subtle way of preventing an argument)

Don't attend the festivities (then you can find something you WANT to do)

Establish the FIRM rule of :"We will NOT discuss politics while we are together..PERIOD" (Implement this one myself)

See, you really do have a choice. If your family snubs you and un-invites you fine!!

Do your own holiday celebration. Make it beautiful and warm and loving. Invite whom you want to. Keep it small or make it big. Controlling families create so many arguments. I just wish that during the holidays or special celebrations, they could keep their opinions and mouths closed and try to live in the present and be grateful for everyones health and the fact that you are all still together.

Being grateful is a gift. It is one of the quickest ways to forgive, let go and change your state of mind. Remember this too; when we are grateful we are becoming the best version of ourselves and there are so amazing lessons that come out of the challenges. Look clearly at the lesson and allow yourself to feel all the emotion attached to it. Then think about what the Silver Lining was, or what was the good you got out of the challenge. Once you do, you'll see things and feel things differently.

Make it your time to celebrate life, you, love and the great things coming your way!!

Happy Holidays!!

Love, Gina, Dodger and Blue

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