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Standing in the Peace of a horse

I have to share this moment because it was so magical that to not share it

would be selfish on my part. Often, I will walk outside to my pasture and

read a book to my horses. Dodger especially loves hearing my voice as I read

a loud the words on whatever book I feel I want to share with them. Blue will

often stand over to the side and though he doesn’t come stand super close while

I read, Dodger does that, Blue listens and seems to enjoy the moment as well.

It’s a peaceful moment but never has it turned into the most amazing

peace I experienced today with them both. I was reading the Seth book

but usually I read Buck Branaman to them.

Dodger stood close by as usual listening to words as Blue stood beside the fence.

Dodger then decided to go stand underneath his favorite Magnolia tree and listen.

I approached Blue with book in hand and started petting him on his neck.

Before I knew it, the mood had changed from being a relaxing moment of reading

to a step into their world of what peace truly is. I have no words of how this felt

but let me try to describe it as best I can. It was the most silence I ever heard.

I stood petting Blue on his neck and then on top of his mane, the way his

mother often did when he was a young colt. After a few minutes, he was super

relaxed. He often fibbles around with my hair and my face but in this moment he

stood completely still as I watched him go deeper and deeper into this incredible

moment of peace. I felt as if I had been invited into their world.

We three stood within two feet of each other all feeling that extraordinary

moment of the most profound peace I have ever felt. I felt an immense feeling of

love and it almost felt Godly. Tears ran down my cheeks. I felt their energy of

love and acceptance for me. I felt I had stepped into a different dimension.

I stood softly stroking Blue’s cheek and noticed his breathing get super

soft and slower and his eyes starting closing more and more.

As I looked at Dodger just two feet away from Blue and I, his eyes were

closing half way too as he stood beneath his favorite tree. I lost track how long I

stood just gently rubbing Blue’s cheek. I noticed I was now whispering to him

as his eyes closed. I closed my eyes too and envisioned he and I in the shady part of

the pasture, him lying down in the soft grass with his head on my lap as I slowly

rubbed his long neck. This was real and beautiful and I was honored that they

invited me into their little moment. How I envy being able to be that peaceful and


For a horse to be so relaxed and trusting is gift. I am so happy and

honored that my two feel like that with me. I will continue with that feeling of

utter intense peace and love that I received from them today and I will go to them

every chance I can and get more as I am now hooked. I have felt it before, but never

on this level. To be a part of the herd and be so trusted and welcome; thank you

Blue and Dodger. This is why I do what I do. Bringing this kind of magical energy

to my clients as an Equine assisted Life and Relationship Coach. Thank You,

thank you, thank you, thank you for all the magic and love in my life.

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