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As we enter into this New Year, know that there is a New Horizon in front of us. Forgive yourself for all the times you were not acting from a place of compassion or love. For you did the best you could as you acted or reacted the only way you knew how to . But our lives are changing now as is our beautiful planet Earth. Mother Earth and all of her children of Nature are coming forward and waking up as are We, once again. Forgive other's when ne'er acted themselves in a loving way nor had the ability to see you truly. To be seen is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another. And when we are seen for who WE are, it opens our hearts even more. It means we are living our Authentic self openly; not hiding as we once were taught long ago when we were brainwashed and afraid. This New Year, love yourself, and do all things with love. We are on this journey together and we did not come here to be perfect. Love yourself. Love other's. Accept yourself and others and stay in the Present. The Past is dead; let is stay dead. Today is a Gift, that is why it's called The Present!! It's time to embrace your Dragon, welcome the Fae and show gratitude to your Angels. It is time to believe in Magic again....and it's all around you!

Have a beautiful New Year. Be safe and thank you to all of my amazing and healed Coaching clients that have worked hard with my horses and myself to become the best versions of themselves. I am grateful for you and your Courage beyond words.

Love, Gina

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