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We've all been kinda busy!

Yep, it's been a minute since I wrote a blog on my website. Please accept my apologies but life has been a wee bit busy for most all of us, me included. That being said, it's not an excuse or even a great reason to forget about what matters most. Quality of life.

Recently, my best friend turned me on to Apple TV. I have to admit, there are some very interesting and thought provoking shows on Apple TV. My television viewing has become strange. I stopped watching the news completely. I removed myself from most current programing and now WHEN I do watch tv, it's mostly on Roku and YOUTUBE for most of my favorites that some may actually be pretty old. I don't care. It seems watching tv today has become risky. You don't want to be sucked into the Fake News and it seems it's all fake, and so if I need some "escape" time, I go back and watch some of my favorites.

Apple TV had a beautiful program called "The Year Earth Changed". Truly fantastic! The narration was amazing and the photography was out of this world. A super interesting documentary about how the earth changed so radically in one year during the recent COVID shutdowns. Pictures of countries and the largest most bustling cities completely stopped cold in its tracks. Not one human walked the streets. It was the loudest silence I had ever heard or seen, I say seen because you could truly see the silence.

In this silence, after a few days followed by weeks and then months, you could see the entire earth change. Pollution dissipated, the Himalayan Mountains were finally visible! Even the

noise pollution ended, the steady stream of cars, trucks, honking and yelling stopped. And then as if by magic, all kinds of wild animals begin to emerge. The birds sang new songs, dolphins returned to the places they used to jump and play but stopped because of man. The whales could leave their young safely in the water and hunt for food so they could nurse and the Sea Turtles could finally lay their eggs in peace and quiet without human interference.

As humans, we are loud, obnoxious and very nosey!! This documentary made it brutally clear how much we interfere with nature...constantly!! Humans get in the way, mess things up and create stress for nature. We've done it with the animals, the oceans, the planet, the atmosphere and all of Mother Nature! Shame on us!

Thank God there are some humans who care enough to try to help Mother Nature; kind of give her the proverbial human hand as she's got enough to do for herself, mostly in trying to overcome and fix the mess that those other humans have made.

We've gotten too busy! Delayed Gratification doesn't even exist anymore as everything that was good and right to wait for, has been replaced by electronics, the internet and parenting that has become weak and given up.

The world was better when we slowed down. Mother Nature was happier, the bird song was heard loudly and the animals and plants all had their best reproduction and ability to thrive ever!

Everyone blamed COVD for being horrible. Yes, we lost people but, we gained so much too.

I always try to find the Silver Lining. So here it is at least in my view. Families drew closer, our pets were happy to have us home and so were our children!! We had to evaluate, rethink and access what really mattered. It was our Wake Up Call!!

We have to be more grateful people!! And btw, there are two sides of Mother Nature being pulled apart. We as a collective, have to decide how we want to live our lives, and how we are going to take care of Mother Nature and ALL of her children. Since I moved into living my life more Spiritually, these things matter more to me now than ever.

So, how about a Slow Down? Slow down and make TIME for quality of life. Your quality of life and whatever that means. In the end, what matters most? Life and all of her beauty and mystery. Go sit with Mother Nature for an hour or two and listen. Look around at the trees, listen to the birds and the wind and become an observer to how lucky we are. What matters most to you? Not a new car or cell phone, it should be ever growing and changing world we live in and all of her gifts.

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