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Why worry about one shoe?

When someone says, "I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop", what does that mean?

Well, specifically, the meaning of that old saying is "To wait for the other shoe to drop means to wait for an expected and inevitable event to occur. The event is most often negative. "

That's one of those old things that our aunts and grand-parents used to say way back when. Basically, it means, nothing good lasts because something will come along to screw it all up.

I deal with this kind of thinking all the time working with my coaching clients. They get happy, feel much better and then worry about how it's all going to go away and negative crap will return when the other shoe drops.

So, if I ask you, why are you worried about a shoe? What if you decide to be free and wear Flip Flops and even better, go barefoot? Then NO shoes will drop and life can continue as great as it feels or at least much better.

As Lao Tzu said, " As you think, so shall you be". I have talked about this many times and I do so because it is 100% true! Once my clients get to a good spot in our coaching, it's kind of scary. It seems too good to be true. That's where Faith has to come in and the belief that things will be as good as you believe they will be. By the way, things will get challenging! I always encourage clients to try to learn the lesson being taught through the challenge. Also, we have to remember, everything is a lesson.

Emotions in our lives are usually swept under the rug. We are taught as children to squash our feelings, hide them away and don't let on to anybody that you may not be very happy right now. Or, that you may be scared out of your mind! Relax. Breathe. If you put all of your energy around the challenge, you actually make it worse. So, release it. Do not focus on it and instead, do what you need to do to get rid of it or fix the problem. Just don't spend all of your energy worrying about it. Think about the lesson in the challenge and then self-correct if you need to but once it's fixed, or at least better, let it go. It is over. Remember though, life is to learn! We have to go through some challenges to evolve and become the beautiful people we were meant to become in our lives.

Hard stuff sucks sometimes. Our Shadow work is so hard, but essential to our growth and healing. On the other side, when the shadow passes and the sun comes out will feel the change. You can look back and see how far you've come. Always be aware of your Progress!!

So, Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, try to live your life in total freedom.Go Barefoot! Don't become enslaved by worry and waiting for something negative to happen. It will happen if you expect it to. Trust me on that one. It's called Manifestation!

Consider walking barefoot, without a big clunky heavy shoe. Be free. Allow the Universe to bring what it will. Be excited about it and observe what the possibilities are!! Enjoy the feel of green grass beneath your feet. It is our connection to Mother Nature...our great mother.

Roll in the grass, lie in the grass, and look up at the beautiful Central Sun. It's all there for us and it feels sooooooo good!!

I'll See You....


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