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Couple's Coaching

This requires removing your Ego!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Prices Vary
  • Kellogg Creek Road

Service Description

Couples Guidance begins with a complimentary consultation to find out what is really going on in your relationship and why it isn’t working. We discuss everything!! Issues, past and present, goals, dreams, needs and yes, we do talk about SEX! Even in the worst cases, I rarely have to tell a couple it isn’t going to work and there are many options and techniques we will do together and separate. Couples Coaching will sometimes be just working with the individual partner and alternating between individual and couple. My goal is to make your marriage and relationship thrive and sexy again. I need to warn you though, it will be rough. Working out all the pain, resentment and trust issues means removing your ego! I do not favor either client in the sessions. I remain neutral but sometimes, the inner damage has been there prior to the issues in the marriage. You may feel at times, that I am beating up on you. I am not, but I will call you out on your crap and I do this equally for male and female. Do not think because I am a woman, that I will automatically side with your wife. I will call you both out! Couples coaching offers 1 session a week and a Firewalk which is recommended at an additional charge. 120 Days (16 Sessions) 1 1/2 Hours = $3200 90 Days (12 Sessions) 1 1/2 Hours = $2400 60 Days (8 Sessions) 1 1/2 Hours = $1600 30 Days (4 Sessions) 1 1/2 Hours = $1000 All Sessions Include Firewalk and 3 Sessions with horses

Contact Details

  • 1828 Kellogg Creek Road, Acworth, GA, USA

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