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MOTHER NATURE IS A WONDERFUL HEALER!! So we spend a lot of time
outside with her on my beautiful four acre farm! Through meditations, long talks,
removing the pain inside, and some powerful techniques, I help you open the gate in
that garbage filled back yard you have been living in.
What is beyond that gate, is up to you but I promise you this, if you give me 100%
and really want to transform your life, I will help you open that gate to a whole new
life for you!!


Why did I become a Life Coach?
I have stood in your shoes and felt the same pain and hopelessness that you are.
I used to think that relationships and love were just like my parents marriage and
my childhood; scary, sad, violent and uncertain. I made bad choices in relationships
and life until I finally realized I was unhappy and didn’t want to live this way
anymore, but I couldn’t see it until I went through my first divorce and became a
single mom of eight month old twins.
My mother was an alcoholic and , my step father was violent and abusive and I give
total credit to my horse Punk for saving my life when I could have easily gone the wrong direction

being a young teenage girl.
My twins are now almost thirty and have happy thriving lives and I am remarried
and have another son who is on his way to his journey in life.
I dig in deep and get to the core; the root of what caused your pain and then show
you how to remove it from your heart. I teach you how to forgive and understand
the why’s and I explain how this happened to you.
I believe that knowledge is power. The more I can explain the "why" to you, you easier will begin
to understand and forgive or apologize if necessary.


Why do I use horses?
Horses have an amazing energy and they know before you know. They see what is
buried inside of you. My techniques are creative and involve knowledge, intuition,
understanding, some hard facts, spirituality, meditation, prayer and lots of hugs and
unconditional love with no judgement. We use the horses to open all of this up and
to help the healing. They know before you know!

A horse is the most honest thing you will ever meet in your life. They show you who
you are and sometimes, it’s a tough pill to swallow.
As a young girl, it was my horses that saved me from becoming a total wreck.
My horse Punk was my protector and my best friend. It is because of Punk that I
now have two amazing rescue horses, Dodger and Blue that are my equine coaches.
Together I partner with them to help you!

What to expect?
Like I said, I dig in deep. I expect you to give me 100% and play full out. This is for
you! I will rock the boat, we will talk about tough things and I will challenge you!
You will be hugged, inspired, and told how awesome you are.
At the end, I offer you a Firewalk to walk into your fears and take your control back!

Why work with me? Because I am great at what I do! I love what I do! Read my
testimonials but the main point here is because Coaching works!
We identify what is the problem-
We find a way to fix it or let it go-
We take massive action –

Stop being the victim. Let me help you change your story!
Book a free consultation with me. Come sit and talk to me and meet my equine
coaches Dodger and Blue.
Call me!

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