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I have worked with many couples. Sometimes I can fix them and put them back together and sometimes, I cannot; even though they are happy! My theory is that so many times

we pick people to be our partners when we are in an unhealthy state of mind and living. We make those choices based on our past history and what we feel we NEED at THAT moment in

our life. If we had issues with our Fathers, or our Mothers, if we have a history of child abuse, or neglect; we grow up searching for that love that we didn’t get a child growing up.

This is why good parenting, nurturing, discipline is vitally important when raising children; and so many parents have their own issues from their childhood that transfer down to

their children. It’s very sad and so many children grow up being taken away from abusive parents to be put in Foster homes and given up for adoption; but some stay in their homes

and suffer. By the time they have grown up, these children that are now young adults are in fragments; pieces of a human being and a soul that are desperately searching for the rest of their lives for that love and self esteem they never received as a child.

When you judge a woman for having had so many husbands or boyfriends, try to stand in their shoes and understand what has happened to her. She is basically looking for Dad, love and that thing that father’s give their daughters. Sons seek it in women. Many will then marry someone and fix them. They feel they can change that person into a perfect partner but

they have chosen someone that is broken themselves. When you seek counseling or coaching, and you rid yourself of the anger, hurt and disappointment that can actually attach itself to your DNA, when you become a whole person and soul again, then you begin to want to

socialize with healthier people. You feel better, happier and you start to move away from toxic emotionally exhausting people. You do this with your friends, your family, your job,

and sometimes, you do this with your partner. Divorce is not a failure and it won’t kill you. If you find yourself headed toward divorce, remember, there is a light at the end of your tunnel. It may also mean that this relationship and chapter of your life just needed to end because something or someone better for you, someone healthier for you may be coming your way.

I do believe when God or Source closes one door, another will open. Be open to it and let things just unfold. There are no coincidences.


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