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Challenges are good. They create opportunities to grow and transform.

Challenging relationships are a constant in our lives.

Relationships with our bosses, teachers, parents, children and of course,

our spouse or partner. Why do we have these challenging relationships?

They are all just another piece of our lifes purpose.

So when you think that your relationship is so perfect; when you brag

about how you never argue or disagree; when you are so amazed how much

in common you have and how everything fits so perfectly, think again because

that is NOT your soul mate. Arguing and pushing each others buttons is

a Soul Mate relationship; not hitting or harming, but healthy challenges.

Wayne Dyer says; Choose peace instead of strife. When people push those buttons, being kind and choosing peace, we should bow to them and thank them

for being our teachers. Then be open to that lesson.

Our lives are full of challenging people. They are the ones that hold up a mirror

to ourselves that shows us the same trait within us. In other words, it is our


Relationships are not easy; but our job or purpose while we are here is to grow and

become who we truly are. Relationships also teach us about how to apologize, and

how to forgive. It teaches us to pick our battles and how to be devoted, committed

and how accept each other as we learn to accept ourselves. If our purpose here is

to love, what better way to learn that love than to be loving?

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