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People are always asking me questions about love but the one thing they seem to ask a lot more about is how to make it last ? Honestly, it’s not easy, but here is what I have learned in my  life, own relationship and working with couples.  It’s the little things that matter!!    Once we marry, or move in together, things become very real in our lives and our relationships. The gloves come off and so do the masks. We cannot pretend who we are. We are who we are and so things change and so does life in general. So what keeps us together and strong as a couple facing all these challenges?  I feel a strong and true love is but it’s all  the little things too. I believe it’s the little things like remembering that she likes white roses and he likes mangos and avocados.

The little things like bringing her coffee in the morning or giving him a massage at night when he has been working all day chopping wood for your sons Boy Scout project.  It’s the little things like still taking you to the airport and then standing and watching you go through TSA and throwing you kisses, then you sending him a text message letting him know you are on the plane and that you love him.  It may sound really corny but I don’t care!!  These are just a few examples of the “Little things” that continue to show that we not only love  each other, but that we appreciate each other.

Plus, think of the great example you leave for your kids. These are all the things I am blessed to have in my relationship.  We spoil each other and I am so thankful for all the things

he does for me as I know he is grateful for all I do for him. Could I live without him? Sure!!  Do I want to?  No.    Yes, relationships are tough sometimes. If you remember to

 do little things your relationship grows in unconditional love.  Fighting is not a bad thing either. It helps you grow as a couple

 Learn to apologize and own your crap!

Learn to forgive, apologize and remember YOU are not perfect either!!  After all, if we were perfect, what is there left to learn and strive for; life becomes boring. Your love is the GLUE that keeps you together. Just ask any one of those adorable older couples how they stayed together. They will admit, it wasn’t easy at all, but it was worth it. If you don’t have a marriage or relationship with this kind of Enchanted love, ask yourself why not? Is it something you

Can fix or is it maybe time to move on?

Something to be honest with yourself and think about.

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